Old places where we loved life

Being near our family is always a reminder of what it is like to love life, and no matter where we are it will always be home, and there is no place like home...
Merry Chirstmas and may this coming year be full of beautiful small simple things

Stefan Bruggemann

The greatest moments in life are often made of a series of small instants, small simple things...

One says goodbye to things just like a tree remains without leaves in autumn
Sadness is the slow death of the simple things, those simple things that remain hurting in our hearts
One always returns to the same places were we loved life and it is then that we understand how absent our dearest things are
For that reason girl do not leave dreaming of your return, that love is simple and time devours simple things
One always returns to the old places where we loved life…
- Chavela Vargas

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