Sometimes I feel like a repeated summit mountain
and others like a poor hill
Sometimes I feel like a cliff
and others like a blue but distant sky.
Sometimes one is a spring between rocks
and other times a tree with the last leaves...
(de estados de animo M. Benedetti)


Old places where we loved life

Being near our family is always a reminder of what it is like to love life, and no matter where we are it will always be home, and there is no place like home...
Merry Chirstmas and may this coming year be full of beautiful small simple things

Stefan Bruggemann

The greatest moments in life are often made of a series of small instants, small simple things...

One says goodbye to things just like a tree remains without leaves in autumn
Sadness is the slow death of the simple things, those simple things that remain hurting in our hearts
One always returns to the same places were we loved life and it is then that we understand how absent our dearest things are
For that reason girl do not leave dreaming of your return, that love is simple and time devours simple things
One always returns to the old places where we loved life…
- Chavela Vargas



The smell of the word us has left a trace that keeps my memories tied to you.

ilustraciĆ³n depeapa



Prince in a white horse

Thousands of years, eternity in my shoes

Thousands and thousands of years would not be enough

to tell of that small second of eternity

when I held you one morning in winter's light in Montsouris Park

in Paris on earth, this earth that is a star.

-Jacques Prevert.


Today´s forecast

Im sorry I have not been able to keep up with my postings, my first days in Austin have been far from easy.
Today when I saw this sign, the forecast for my day was instantly changed...

I found this adorable place where you can eat the most delicious cupcakes ever.

Hopefully things will get back on track soon, till then:
Keep calm and eat a cupcake! life is too short....


My new ride

I have been thinking lately of getting a new bike...A new year will begin soon, Im living in a new place, and I figured Albert Einstein is right, life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep my balance I have to keep moving, even when its hard, even when I have no idea what road Im taking.

What the heck! It should be a ride to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, red wine glass in the other, totally worn out screaming WOOOO! What a ride!!!!
I will start moving and I will enjoy the ride...


Remedy against uncertainty

New city, new everything... there are moments where all this uncertainty can make my head spin. But It´s funny how a pair of beautiful shoes can always make me feel so good in my head — at the extreme opposite end of my body.

There´s lots to be done so I´m putting me and my heels in charge!
PS: Dont you love the tights? Im currently obsessed with vintage pantyhoses...