Meet Jesy Almaguer , Our Loly Girl of the week and the talented photographer behind our ‟SS2013 Celebrate the Everyday” campaign. When I first met her I instantly knew she was perfect for Loly in the sky. A rare authentic dreamer, a girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart♥
Photos by Mario Verastegui

It all started when Jessy was 19. She wanted to create her own scenarios, find interesting faces, things that inspired her, and put them all together in concepts that would later come to life through her images.

So Let´s peek into Jesy´s lovely world. It is a world full of magic, romanticism, dreams and beautiful images....

A cat lover, popcorn eater, and a beautiful observer, she gives us through her images the gift of beauty. You can see more of her work at www.jesyalmaguer.com


Carla Mitchell is our Loly Girl of the week. She is the talented designer behind Lapislazuli http://www.lapislazuliii.blogspot.com. Carla is a great illustrator, and a self-proclaimed cat lover.  Everything Carla creates is beaded by hand. She enjoys experimenting with different textures and design possibilities using various beading techniques. 

Carla is a strong supporter of handmade, she believes it is important to focus on detail and craftsmanship over consumption and the mass-produced.  These are some of the lovely pieces in her collection:

We would describe Carla´s style as classic with a twist. When adding pieces to her closet, she likes to focus on choosing items that are well-made, unique and won't go out of style in six months. Her favorite colors include white, black, navy and beige, as well as bright shades such as yellow and hot pink. She loves combining patterns such as plaid, nautical stripes, gingham, paisley and tartan. When adding accessories to her outfits, she likes to keep it classy and unique. She loves our Montse loafers because they give her outfits the perfect touch of uniqueness, while still keeping her classic signature style. 


Photo lovespolaroid by La Hauser 


Karla Iturriaga is our Loly Girl of the week. Today we will be peeking into her lovely world.
She is the mom of two beautiful twins, a vintage treasure hunter, a dreaming traveler and the stylish blogger behind www.lovespolaroid.blogspot.com

We asked Karla to share with us the favorite pieces in her closet,  pieces that have a special meaning to her in which she has lived beautiful moments she treasures. 
On this picture Karla is wearing a Vintage 1970s dress that belonged to her grandmother, that night she was having dinner in the Seine river in Paris (her favorite city in the world). 
Here Karla is holding her favorite vintage handbag, she got in Les Encants market in Barcelona.  There is a special meaning to objects you adquire during your trips, specially if they are vintage and have a story behind them... She loves styling it in a lot of different ways ...

And the third item she shared with us are one of her favorite sunglasses from the 70s. She got them in La Lagunilla, a Sunday vintage market in Mexico DF, where Karla has bought most of her house furniture and a lot of her favorite accesories. 

 Karla loves to travel.It has been in her trips that the most wonderful things have happened to her, for example she met her husband in this trip to Playa del Carmen

Paris, Barcelona or La Lagunilla Sunday market we have enjoyed traveling with Karla... And Im sure she will take her Lolys to wonderful places with a lot of style...
You can follow Karla on instagram @lovespolaroid ♥