Dreams under my pillow

Thankyou girl playground♥


Symthoms of happiness

Doctor, what are the symthoms of happiness?
Red shoes maybe?


Early sunshine

The sun rises inspite of everything
My shoes are beautiful and bright
I lie here in a riot of sunlight
watching the day start
and somehow I know everything is going to be allright...


This morning

oh well...Im wearing my nicest pair of shoes instead...


Shoe Valentines

On this Valentine’s Day, celebrate and remember your shoes will always be into you!


Shoes in my head

There are so many beautiful shoes exisiting only in my mind....But to be able to make them real I still have to travel a long road...It will take a lot of time, hard work, and of course some luck and money.
Time and hard work, I can handle ...and for the rest I could always try my plan B:

Go to Ireland and buy a small piece of land to turn it into a field of four-leaf clovers, wait there for a rainbow to form and kindly ask the lovely leprechaun to share his pot of gold with me...

To fly high

photo by CWong

So many plans, so many question marks and blanks still to be filled..
Life is not an ecuation I can solve, its an ongoing process that never ends
and it is the little unexpected new variables, twists and turns that make it so lovely.

I should try to stop worrying so much, really I dont need that much stuff, I dont necessarily have to acheive as much, earn as much... Ill just keep working very hard to create, enjoying what ever comes my way, put on a nice pair of shoes and understand that light weight travelers fly higher...


A te che hai reso la mia vita bella da morire

During the day someone asked about you,
a million memories flashed through my mind...
Please let me keep this memories forever..only this

ilustraciĆ³n de pe a pa


A very special friday

Its friday night and today it snowed in Austin. We had a very special morning.. snowmen, apple pancakes and hot chocolate... what else could you ask for?

This evening after a long day of work, I came back home to find Camila (my little niece) and my parents having a blast....I opened a bottle of wine with my dad and joined the party...
I know my camera skills suck, I cant seem to get a steady image and I talk to the camera with a terrible voice. But who cares!.....this kind of moments are worth sharing...