Shoes in my head

There are so many beautiful shoes exisiting only in my mind....But to be able to make them real I still have to travel a long road...It will take a lot of time, hard work, and of course some luck and money.
Time and hard work, I can handle ...and for the rest I could always try my plan B:

Go to Ireland and buy a small piece of land to turn it into a field of four-leaf clovers, wait there for a rainbow to form and kindly ask the lovely leprechaun to share his pot of gold with me...


  1. que bien que tengas un plan B, a ver cuando haces realidad los zapatos de tu mente, que aqui estaremos esperándolos :))

  2. me encanta el plan b, pero es más emocionante el primero, venga esos ánimos!!!

  3. No hay nada como ver la realidad a traves de los sueños. Vive tus sueños, no sueñes tu vida. Petons