Meet Jesy Almaguer , Our Loly Girl of the week and the talented photographer behind our ‟SS2013 Celebrate the Everyday” campaign. When I first met her I instantly knew she was perfect for Loly in the sky. A rare authentic dreamer, a girl with messy hair and a thirsty heart♥
Photos by Mario Verastegui

It all started when Jessy was 19. She wanted to create her own scenarios, find interesting faces, things that inspired her, and put them all together in concepts that would later come to life through her images.

So Let´s peek into Jesy´s lovely world. It is a world full of magic, romanticism, dreams and beautiful images....

A cat lover, popcorn eater, and a beautiful observer, she gives us through her images the gift of beauty. You can see more of her work at www.jesyalmaguer.com


  1. Que bonita!!! <3

    Me encanta Loly.


  2. Igual apenas me enteré de Jesy y wow, mis respetos, toma unas fotografías hermosas!!
    Vi que tomó una foto de unos zapatos Loly con un conejo con moño... increíble!