Remedy against uncertainty

New city, new everything... there are moments where all this uncertainty can make my head spin. But It´s funny how a pair of beautiful shoes can always make me feel so good in my head — at the extreme opposite end of my body.

There´s lots to be done so I´m putting me and my heels in charge!
PS: Dont you love the tights? Im currently obsessed with vintage pantyhoses...

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  1. embrace that amazing ADRENALINEAN[1] feeling of new beginnings... the unknown and the possibilities... the feeling that you have everything ahead to do what ever you want.

    _dicece de un sentir desbordado de emoción y adrenalina.
    _similar to an Adventurous Thrill.

    ad·ven·tur·ous /adˈvenCHərəs/ Adjective
    Willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences