fear, beauty and love

My head is full of things I dont understand...
This will be the year when I will write a new story of my life
Im changing this huge fear for a drive to keep going
beauty is now defined as not perfect
and love feels like the safest thing in the world*

*maybe if I repeat it enough and clack my shoes,It will take me where I want to go ( just like Dorothy)


  1. Que genial era esta peli......! me recuerda a mi niñez!
    Diseñadora de zapatos?? Soy una looooca de los zapatos!!! Encantada de pasar por aquí!

  2. What a beautiful picture ! I guess this is from the wizard of Oz, isn't it ? Just to say you have such a beautiful blog full of gorgeous pictures.
    Happy New Year and good luck with your thoughts :)



  3. I love everything you write!!

    My heart and soul are also full of things I can't desipher....
    but your blog always puts images and words to some of the Trillion Things that I Feel!!

    ...can't wait to buy your shoesss!! (on another note)
    miss U always

    -D U Y