A new year begins

A new year begins and somehow I feel my life is in a permanent state of under construction, which can be a sometimes a little overwhealming. I love to go to bookstores and read children books whenever Im feeling stressed or overwhealmed.
I was wandering in the children section when I saw this illustration in The Bunny Book by Richard Scarry.

I fell in love with this picture. Im excited for this new chapter in the story of my life. Since Im the main character of my own story book I love getting all dressed up, making every single day a special occasion.

Here´s to the changes life brings from one year to the next
Here´s to this new year and the happiness it will bring our way
and Here´s to recieving it with some style!


  1. te deseo un año de muchos proyectos bonitos y mucha felicidad!!

    un beso!!!