Let´s raise a glass

Few things are lovelier than the excitement and anticipation for the days and months that lay ahead . . . There are still so many things left to discover, words left unspoken, plans to be made and dreams left to dream . . .

So Let's raise a glass to the past, to no regrets, to the beauty in struggling, to the
impossible accomplishments we will somehow manage to complete, to dinners for two and small adventures, to true friendships and to lives well lived...

Thank you for coming along with me, I wish you a new year full of love and the beauty of dreams.
May your coming year be filled with small simple pleasures. I hope you try something daring , different and impractical. And I sincerely hope somewhere in the year you surprise yourself.
Celebrate the everyday and wear beautiful shoes!

Cheers to 2012
the best is yet to come!

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