Meet Katy, our Loly Girl of the week! We love her kind of quirky, very vintage and unabashedly girly style. She is a pug owner (and lover), movie buff, cocktail mixer (and drinker), music enthusiast, thrift addict, sweet tooth possessor, total softie, grammar checker, bee collector, serious introvert or silly extrovert depending on how well you know her, city girl with hippie roots, copywriter, party thrower, cookie baker... you get the idea!

She is the lovely girl behind http://www.kansascouture.com  Since I first saw her style blog I fell in love with her “I’m adorable, but ironic about it” kind of look!  It is so refreshing to see someone so unique that radiates confidence and charisma, just by being herself. There is a magic about Katy that is all her own.


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